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Maglab has built up Australia's largest range of quality magnets and magnetic products at competitive prices.

Our friendly team will provide you with the right advice to ensure you get the most appropriate product for your application.

Our products include:

» neodymium magnets » ferrite magnets
» alnico magnets » samarium cobalt magnets
» diy magnetic fly screens » magnetic labels
» diy magnetic double glazing » barcode magnets
» magnetic tools » plastic magnetic products

No customer is too large or too small. Maglab provides the most appropriate magnet or magnetic product for the task, at the lowest price.

We offer fast delivery Australia-wide or products can be picked up from our factory at Warriewood, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Maglab is a family run business that has been operating since 1990.

bushfire ember screens and air conditioning guards
diy fly screens
diy double glazing

Safeguard your home from bushfire with Maglab's ember screens.

Made to measure and easy to install, we can delivery your window and air conditioning ember guards Australia-wide.

Maglab's magnetics ember screens have an aluminium frame and grade 304 stainless steel mesh as recommended to comply with fire prone areas.

Maglab DIY Magnetic Fly Screens are very easy to install - all you need is a pair of scissors or knife and a caulking gun (available from any hardware store for around $10).

Available in white, black, beige, brown and aluminium colour, a 15mm flat surface around your window is all that is required to adhere the magnetic screen.

If insects are driving you crazy, contact Maglab.

Maglab DIY Magnetic Double Glazing is inexpensive, easy to install & easy to maintain. It can be fitted to almost any surface.

Our double glazing can significantly reduce noise levels and protect your glass windows from vandalism. You will notice a reduction in your heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

Inexpensive, easy to install and easy to maintain, contact Maglab for a quote.

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buy magnets online magnetic factory labels magnetic barcode labels

We stock 300 stock lines of permanent magnets in disc, rod, block, ring, bar and horseshoe shapes. Our range includes ceramic ferrite, cast alnico, rare earth neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets.

We also stock magnetic tools that hold, lift and separate ferrous material.

We can provide magnetic patches for your advertising material. A sticking service is provided.

The perfect way to control stock in warehouses.

Heavy duty magnetic labels can be applied to steel shelving and locations changed. Maglab Magnetic Labels are the perfect way to control stock in warehouses of all sizes.

Over 300 different sizes and colours are available with our most common sizes for sale directly from our website. Specific sizes can be made to order.

Maglab can supply your company with individually printed barcode magnets complete with part number and location.

Features include:
  • ultimate stock control
  • movable to other locations
  • robust and heavy duty
  • suitable for all steel shelving - uprights & beams
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